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Madmaheshwar Trek

 Madmaheshwar – The Second Kedar

 An overview:

The Madmaheshwar Temple is located in the area near the source (mouth) of the Madmaheshwar River and Located at an altitude of 3289 meters above sea level. This Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is one of the famous Panch Kedar. Madmaheshwar Temple is located in the Goundar village of Garhwal Himalaya in Rudraprayag district in Uttarakhand, India. Along with the beauty of the beautiful peaks and the beauty of nature, the Madmaheshwar trek offers some of the best scenic views in Uttarakhand. This sacred place comes under the Garhwal region and is a part of the Rudraprayag district.

At Madmaheshwar Temple entire village shows their presence at the evening aarti performed at the temple and therefore the guests are greeted to this temple every year. One can feel spiritual vivacity within the proximity of the temple. Locals call Madhyamaheshwar or Madmaheshwar, which means the god Darunken.

History of Madmaheswar Temple

The legend of Madmaheswar is an integral part of the legend of Panch Kedar, which may be a captivating narration of the efforts of Pandavas to catch up on the

sins of their fratricide (an act of killing their cousins), the Kauravas, and Brahmanahatya (killing of Brahmins), during the epic Mahabharata war. On the advice of the sages and their trusted preacher Lord Krishna, he blessed Lord Shiva to forgive him and attain salvation.

Since Shiva was annoyed with them for his or her conduct during the Kurukshetra war, he tried to avoid them by assuming the animal sort of a bull or Nandi and hid himself in the Himalayan Garhwal region. But the rigorous Pandavas, after sighting Shiva within the sort of the bull grazing within the hills of Guptakashi, tried to forcibly hold the bull by its tail and hind legs. But the bull disappeared into the bottom to reappear later in his original self of Lord Shiva at five places. The Following places and the associated body parts of Lord Shiva are given below

• Hump — Kedarnath.

• Navel and Stomach — Madmaheshwar.

• Bahu or arms/hands — Tungnath.

• Head — Rudranath.

• Jata (hair) — Kalpeshwar.

Places to visit near Madmaheswar Trek

There is a peak near Madmaheshwar, its path is less sloping. There are also trees & a kind of Bugyal. That peak is called Buda Madmaheshwar. One has to walk one and a half kilometers. As we climb upwards, the vision of Chaukhamba becomes clear. After reaching the top, we feel that we have reached the roof of the world. The distant Ukhimath and Guptkashi are also visible. This place provides an opportunity to visit the Kedarnath, Kali Temple, Saraswati Kund, Chaukhamba, and Nilakanth peaks like visits around it. You should also visit some famous treks in Rudraprayag district.

  1. Chandrashila Trek
  2.  Naagtal Trek
  3.  Kedarnath trek
  4. Deoriatal Trek

Weather & Best time for Madamaheshwar trek

In Summers (April to August): 

The weather is moderately hot and the best time to visit the temple is because it is closed in winter. Generally, May to August are the summer months in Madmeshwar and the temperature is between 20C and 30C. Apart from this, summer also has pleasant weather for visiting nearby tourist attractions.

In Monsoons (September to November):

Madmheshwar has a less favorable season for planning a monsoon trip. July to September are the monsoon months here. During this time, the place receives light rain, but trekking becomes impossible due to the slippery surface.

In Winters (December to March): 

The temperature is very low here. Minimum can touch sub-zero levels. The temple remains closed during the winter season. The silver idols of this temple have been shifted to Ukhimath. Even though the temple remains closed during winter, several tourists visit the place to enjoy the mysterious views of the Himalayan hills and trek.

According to the above information, we recommend the best month to visit madmaheswar trek

Best Months for Trekking in Madmaheshwar

 May, June, September, October

Madmaheshwar Opening and Closing Timings

The worship in this temple starts from a specified time period from the beginning of the summer month(may) after winter and lasts from the beginning of the winter season to October / November when the entrance to the temple is not accessible due to snow conditions.

During the winter period, the symbolic idol of God has been shifted to Ukhimath with religious ceremonials for continuous worship.

How to reach Madmaheswar?

By Road (trek): Madmaheshwar Trek is on the Kedarnath road linked by a 13 km road to Kalimath from Guptakashi. The distance from Guptakashi to the temple is only by a 21 km trek after 6 km by road journey. The easy road route is given below

1. Take a bus or shared taxi (Max) from Haridwar/Rishikesh to Rudraprayag

2. Take a bus or shared taxi (Max) from Rudraprayag to Ukimath

3. Take a bus or shared taxi (Max) from Ukimath to Ransi.

By Air: The nearest airport is Jolly Grant(Dehradun) at a distance of 222 km from Ukhimath.

By Train: The nearest railway stations are at Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dehradun. Haridwar is the nearest railway station from Madmaheshwar which is located at a distance of 204 km from Ukhimath.

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