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Naagtaal Trek- Book Naagtal Trek in Uttarakhand with Trekking Expert

Naagtaal Trek

Naagtaal Trek in Rudraprayag district is gathered from Guptakashi to Tyuri village. From here, Trek is known as Moth Bugal Naagtaal Trek. This whole Trek is about 30 km. This Trek Moth is a way of forests, where there are a small Bugyal and small lake in the middle. Which looks very beautiful and attractive.

What is special about Naagtaal Trek?

Naagtaal is a beautiful lake located in the lap of nature, which is covered by forests. This lake is highly deep. The colour of this lake looks black but its water is absolutely clean. The right side of the lake is a small ground where velvet grass grows, local people bring their animals here. Here come the animal and wild creatures coming to the lake. Here are many types of rare animals found in which there are the roses, cocks, wild cat, bear, leopard, Monal, Ghurar, etc. In this track, you will find many small rivers, rhythm, and bugyal, which will enjoy heaven in this scene in this scene.

The Reason Behind the Name of Naagtaal

This name of Naagtaal Lake has been kept in the name of Naga Devta. A lot of time ago was said that the Nag Devta was residing in this lake. And he used to see here. It is also believed that the dancers who are called buddhi in the local language. He used to dance here and Naagdevta was pleased with him and raised his fan over the water.

How to Reach Naagtaal

  • Dehradun to gupt kashi (227km)
  • Rishikesh to guptkashi (184km)
  • Haridwar to guptkashi (204km)
  • Guptkashi to Tyari village (7km)
  • Tyuri village to moth bugyal(12km)by walk
  • Mmoth bugyal to Naag taal (12km) by walk

To reach Naagtaal, you have to reach Rishikesh or Haridwar by rail and Jolly Grant Dehradun by air. From there you will have to come to Guptkashi of Rudraprayag district, after which you will have to reach Tyuri village from Guptkashi by Jakhdhar Motorway from where the Moth Bugyal Naag taal trek starts.

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